Year-end Summary 2018

Simmons girls - 1985

Those were the days! Daughters Dawn, Jill and Lara and Smokey the cat.  (Christmas 1984)

The initial year of this new season of our lives is now history.  As many know, Mary Ann and I became residents of Washington State in November 2017 in order to be closer to our daughters (Jill and Dawn) and their families.  Our daughter Lara now lives in New Zealand where she recently received a Master’s degree in Historic Preservation and is beginning a new career.

For now, Mary Ann and I are endeavoring to maintain a presence in both West Seattle, Washington, and White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  Did you know that there are eight different routes between Minnesota and Washington?  It’s never boring!  We spent spring and fall of 2018 in Minnesota, which gave us opportunities to stay connected with special friends from our forty-four years of living there.  We also used such visits to explore our new community of White Bear Lake (we maintain a small apartment there), as well as to form new friendships.  For example, we recently joined the White Bear Center for the Arts, and I even displayed one of my photographs in the fall Members’ Exhibit!

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At the Art Center Member Exhibit with my photo titled “End of the Rainbow.” Also pictured is new White Bear Lake friend (and fellow photographer), Alli Joy Neuhaus. (December 2018)

Summer and winter were spent in Seattle—and what special times they were!  Best of all was being in close proximity with our grandchildren Sam, Linnea and Henry.  What delightful children they are; we’ve appreciated establishing various “habits” with each of them.  We’re blessed for sure—and we certainly don’t take it for granted.

I continue to play golf with “old-school” wood-shafted clubs—some of which have been with me since college!  There’s even a group of “hickory” players in Seattle with which I’ve become affiliated.  I’m also a ‘curiosity’ at the courses where I play in Minnesota, and I enjoy introducing friends and new acquaintances to this historic way of approaching  “the Royal and Ancient Game.”

Mary Ann is forming a number of new friendships in West Seattle, and especially in the context of the church with which we’re associated.  Most of all, she relishes her role as “Nana” to the grandchildren—and she does it well!

I continue to write personal essays and publish them on my “Double Agent” WordPress site. For example, I completed three new essays during this past year titled A Dedicated Life Too, Heirloom Too and Your Hopeful Friend.  I invite you to give these a perusal, if you haven’t already done so.  The writings are found at:

We wish each of our friends a special holiday season and a prosperous 2019—in all the ways that really matter.

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Family gathering [L to R: Kirk, Sam (age 9), Lara, Steve, Mary Ann, Jill, Dawn, Henry (age 1), Linnea (age 4)] (November 2018)


This piece was written by Steve Robert Simmons in 2018.  All rights reserved.